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At Ademaro Kennels we take our stud program very seriously. A ton of study and experience has gone into our being able to recognize a quality stud dog in order to be able to make them available to you. We are dedicated to providing the best specimens possible based on the strict and specific breed standards that make the APBT what it is. Whether you are looking for a family dog, serious competition/athletics dog, hunting dog confirmation show dog, or an all-around awesome bulldog you can rest assured that our dogs have been carefully selected and bred using the age old axiom of “best to best.” Since Ademaro Kennels is a serious breeder dedicated to preservation and furtherance of the breed and NOT a puppy mill, our studs are available for approved females only. We believe in quality over quantity. CLICK HERE to contact us today and become a part of true APBT history!🐾🐾

Ademaro’s (Axiom’s) Texas is an extremely well and tight bred Boudreaux’s Eli dog from the notable “Skull and Scream” breeding. Although his pedigree is very special, the dog himself is everything his pedigree says he is and more! If you are looking to add all the notable traits of this amazing bloodline from a line of proven producers to your breeding program then Texas is your dog! CLICK HERE to check out his pedigree now! Texas is DNA tested and available now at stud for approved females for the very fair and reasonable stud fee of $2,000.00 firm.

Ademaro’s William H. Bonney (Hammond’s Pat Garrett) is an outstanding individual of the Hammond’s Park Son bloodline on the top and bottom! This is a true and tight bred Hammonds’ dog and he is every bit of what his pedigree says he is! As you may know Mr. Hammond’s Park Son comes down from the old Carver dogs as well as Ch Plumber’s Alligator POR making a proven line of outstanding dogs. With the notable traits of his bloodline added to his outstanding confirmation “The Kid” can add great diversity to your breeding program. CLICK HERE to check out his pedigree now! William H. Bonney will be available soon at stud for approved females for the very fair and reasonable stud fee of $1,500.00 firm.


At Ademaro Kennels we go to great lengths to assure that we offer only the finest stud dogs in order to maintain breed standards and the age old axiom of “best to best.” For this reason our stud dogs will only be available for approved females. A NEGATIVE BRUCELLOSIS TEST IS REQUIRED for all females looking to be bred to our dogs.

Our stud fees are fair and firm and must be paid in full before the dogs will be bred. Our fees cover the basic service but any extra expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the dog breeding to our stud. The stud fee will cover up to two attempted breedings or “covers.” We strongly suggest though that you have your vet perform the proper testing that will allow you to know the exact date your female should be bred to increase the chances of your female becoming pregnant and reduce the amount of necessary “covers” to one.

Unfortunately due to the negative changes in the way of the world we will not offer yard tours or visitors on-site. We will either receive your dog from a transporter or meet you at a neutral location to perform the breeding. This is in order to protect our dogs as well as anyone foolish enough to act on negative intentions. Pictures and videos of our dogs and yards will be made available online through our website and various social media outlets. Specific media must be requested and approved for those serious about doing business only.

All transport and boarding fees are the responsibility of the owner of the dog being bred to our stud. Although we will do our absolute best and anything in our power to assure a successful breeding takes place, it is simply not possible for us to guarantee that a female will become pregnant or “take” and we will not be held responsible or liable for anything regarding the female outside of the stud process itself. There will be absolutely no cash refunds and alternative arrangements in the event a female does not take will be assessed on a case by case basis.

When breeding to one of our stud dogs you have agreed to our stud dog policy. Anything agreed upon outside of this policy must be by mutual agreement and done in writing. You also agree that you have not discussed anything unlawful with us regarding the dogs. Thank you for choosing Ademaro Kennels for all your stud dog needs!



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