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Ademaro Kennels was established in 2020 in Atlanta, Ga but the dream started long before then! As a dog lover my entire life I was always drawn to the working breeds. I have always wanted my own kennel but life had other ideas. When the opportunity finally came though, I couldn’t help but to seize the chance. After looking into and even some experience with different breeds I have been most impressed with the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT). Everything from the rich history and bloodlines to the impressive strength, courage, and determination of these 30 to 60 pound athletes made them not only worthy, but the optimal choice to invest in and dedicate my time and effort in starting this kennel. I am very happy to be a part of the history and continuation of the phenomenal APBT!

Unfortunately a lot has changed since the wonderful APBT was brought to the Americas by the colonialist settlers. Due to the changes in the legal system, some irresponsible owners and breeders, and bad/inaccurate press our beloved APBT is now an endangered species. Ignorance and the desire to increase profits have really taken a toll on the breed. Although we all need money to survive and feed our families and animals, at Ademaro Kennels it is not about the money. My partners and I are dedicated to not only breeding and raising beautiful and healthy dogs according to the hundreds of years old confirmation and breed standards, but also to doing everything we can to keep the APBT going strong for generations to come.

I personally studied the famed APBT for 3 years strong before I ever even purchased a dog. I have spent and spend countless hours learning everything I can about proper animal husbandry to provide my dogs with optimal care. Additionally I have spent and spend more countless hours studying the history and breeding standards in order to be able to keep these dogs in their original form. Last but not least I have been blessed to meet some outstanding dogmen and women who have not only provided me with some very special specimens of the breed to start my kennel but have also freely given me the game and guidance and answered my millions of questions. Without them the success of my kennel would not be possible and for their genuine and unselfish help I am forever grateful. Now it is my turn to pay it forward.

Not only will Ademaro Kennels always strive to produce the best dogs around, but my partners and I will continually strive to represent the breed properly and keep the APBT alive and well for generations to come. It is my pleasure to share my experience and knowledge with current dogmen and women and with aspiring dogmen and women interested in and just starting out in the breed. Education is definitely a key part in combating ignorance and keeping the history and the dogs themselves from becoming extinct. I also strongly support and participate in positive programs, activities, organizations, events, etc that help to further the breed. Additionally my partners and I will continue to research and combat any and all unlawful and unconstitutional laws and regulations that affect the dogs and their owners to help assure that the APBT is not burdened by overregulation and overreaching oppression. Lastly, Ademaro Kennels will hold the highest of standards in our breedings, in our stud dogs and who we make our stud dogs available to, and in finding appropriate placements for our puppies for sale.

All of the above mentioned things are in effort to continue the APBT in their original form according to the centuries old breed standards, to invite and educate newcomers to the breed to become the dogmen and women of tomorrow who will carry on our work and breed and keep the rich history alive, to help discover and provide lawful and constitutional protections and solutions for the dogs and their owners, and to utilize activities, working fields, and proper care and placement to greatly reduce the percentage of individuals that end up abandoned or in shelters and give each dog and owner the greatest chance for success! When you spend your hard-earned money with Ademaro Kennels, whether it be merchandise, products and equipment, or the actual dogs themselves you can rest assured that you are supporting the amazing APBT as well. I appreciate your interest and I cordially invite you to become a part of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Ademaro Kennels family!

The Owner

Ademaro Kennels

About our dogs

Ademaro Kennels is home of the ★PREMIUM★ American Pitbull Terrier! We can make this statement with complete confidence for a number of reasons. Starting with the basics, of course our dogs are very well fed and cared for daily according to the needs and standards of the breed as well as the individual needs of each dog. Using years of experience and deliberate study of the APBT along with the gracious help and schooling from seasoned veteran dogmen, we are able to provide top notch solutions for everything from breeding, raising, and training/conditioning to nutrition, vaccines/deworming, and general healthcare. We do not believe in taking shortcuts. Our dogs are covered from A to Z!

Another reason Ademaro dogs are considered ★PREMIUM★ is because of their pedigrees. We are very specific about the dogs and pedigrees we choose for our program. After fervent study of the vast history of the APBT we choose dogs and bloodlines only that we feel represent the true American Pitbull Terrier in its best form. Our dogs are acquired from top of the line, reputable, and seasoned well-known breeders off of dogs with a track record of producing, performance, and confirmation. We are extremely selective when adding dogs to our lineup and have been blessed in most cases to own the actual “picks” of the litter from very desirable breedings and pedigrees.

Of course at Ademaro Kennels we know that nice pedigrees do not always guarantee good quality dogs. It’s not the pedigree that makes the dog, it’s the dog that makes the pedigree. We do not sell pedigrees and pretty papered dogs. We breed, raise, and sell REAL American Pitbull Terriers with outstanding pedigrees to match. I personally prefer a real bulldog with a nice pedigree as I believe in proven producers and percentages. Although I agree that pedigree is not the only thing that should be considered or even the most important, I do believe it’s an excellent starting point and guideline when selecting a true and quality APBT.

Our breeding program itself makes any dog with the Ademaro name attached to it a ★PREMIUM★ APBT. Before any dog even makes it into our program they are heavily evaluated at length over time and held to all of the strictest standards of the breed. Once our dogs are determined worthy of breeding we stringently follow the age old axiom of “best to best,” matching traits and bloodlines to create ★PREMIUM★ American Pitbull Terriers. Our breedings are carefully and methodically planned out years ahead of time and for years into the future to assure that our dogs will represent the Ademaro name with greatness for many generations to come.

Last but certainly not least, good old fashioned business practices allow us to offer our clients ★PREMIUM★ American Pitbull Terriers. Every aspect of the Ademaro business is ran with integrity, honesty, and respect. We establish good working relationships with other honest and reputable breeders in order to aquire the best APBT specimens available today. We breed, raise, and condition our dogs naturally with no gimmicks or tricks so that the genetics speak for themselves and can be passed on for generations. We have spent years and hours truly learning the ins and outs of the APBT and putting in the time and work in order to have truly top of the line and authentic American Pitbull Terriers with outstanding and accurate pedigrees. When you become a part of the Ademaro Kennels family you can rest assured that your new dog is exactly who and what we say it is…A ★PREMIUM★ American Pitbull Terrier!



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